Knuckle Puck & Wallflower @ The Deaf Institute, Manchester – 11/06/2017.

The Deaf Institute is essentially a matchbox decorated in your grandma's wallpaper. Industrial fixtures run throughout, and there is an odd red curtain here and there. The venue alike dangles a giant disco ball from its shaky infrastructure. A mounted on the wall behind the bar is a variety of speakers.

Bodies dot themselves around the venue – either exploring the roof terrance, or the glass balcony which looms over the small merchandise table. As others settle for the unstable hardwood floor, and cushions situated on steps at the back.

A beaten drumkick sits on the small step of a stage, and no barrier seperates band from crowd. Although an unique venue, it works – and Knuckle Puck make it home for the night alongside Wallflower. 

Despite their name, South London's Wallflower are full of confidence. Making the stage their own, they present drowsy Lower Than Atlantic-style rock. Catchy hocks and steady beats (featured in Mas Eu Quero Mais) are mixed with slow songs that speak of love and loss (fourthirtyone). Wallflower pack energy and passion in their short, yet powerful set. Ending on their newest release, Splintered, enables Wallflower to make their mark as screamed vocals signify the end of their time on stage.

There's no doubt that Knuckle Puck brought a breath of fresh air to the scene when they first emerged – and their fire-fuelled live performances have since kept fans hooked.

Tonight, Knuckle Puck adorn their own merchandise, and perform despite the absence of Ryan Rumchaks (Bassist). They offer an energy-packed set whilst attempting to keep their amplifiers safe from over-keen crowd-surfers.

Disdain, But Why Would You Care?, and No Good are followed by Gold Rush, Wall to Wall (Depreciation), Bedford Falls, and Oak Street. It is questionable how the energy of both the band and fans is sustained. Right from the very beginning, the small and odd venue is set alive with a buzz. Good music is being performed passionately, and in it's rawest form.

The five-piece from Illinois bring the perfect balance of unforgiving pop punk ,and sentimental songs. And mid-way through the set, the latter comes into play – giving moshers and crowd-surfers a time to rest before the band end on the high of Pretense.


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