Slam Dunk Festival 2017 – Neck Deep.

It’s been 10 days since Slam Dunk Festival hit the north and the buzz is just wearing off. So, now’s a perfect time to reminisce on what went down.

Neck Deep took on the challenge of closing the Monster Energy Stage, and started off with a nostalgic throwback that had the crowd singing in unity and respecting the roots of today’s alternative music scene. Before taking to the stage, My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to The Black Parade greeted the audience. 

Neck Deep’s jam-packed set featured songs from all over their career; kicking off with one of two brand new songs, Happy Judgement Day.

Where Do We Go When We Go (the second instalment of new Neck Deep content) was also featured in the set. Although already known by many, those on their first listen found no problem in joining in with another infectious tune. 

The Welsh pop-punkers put up a good fight, and energy soared throughout their hit-filled set. Showing a vast improvement from when the band played Slam Dunk Festival (South) in 2015, be that the fault of sound equipment or not.

This time around, Neck Deep’s performance was a heartwarming blur of pop-punk goodness.

The night reflected a mutual respect between the band and crowd as Ben Barlow (vocals) could not thank the audience enough. On the crowd’s part, voices were lost and bodies bruised all in the name of a good time.

Love-tinged songs were appreciated just as much – if not more – by the crowd that skipped Enter Shikari to experience Neck Deep. 

Smartphone lights lit up Leeds as A Part of Me was strummed out. Then, bodies went back to bouncing when the full band version of December was delivered in the encore.

There’s no doubt that Neck Deep put on a good show and that their fans know how to have a good time. The energy present at this corner of Slam Dunk Festival makes snapping up tickets for the band’s upcoming tour even more tempting.


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