Non Canon @ OneFest and Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings – 15/05/17.

Stemming from the work of Oxygen Thief, Non Canon is a side-project with a different outlook to its origin. Barry Dolan – the man behind both OT and NC – presents honesty and unbeatable originality. Non Canon showcases lyrics spoken over simple acoustic tunes which creates beautiful, heart-wrenching, and thought-provoking music.  throughout the self-titled album.

The set is opened with the single, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. The song is sorrowfully sweet, and simplistic in the best of ways. Non Canon (aka Barry Dolan) then goes on to share with the crowd that Eponymous is named after the word given to when something is named after a particular person or group because calling it Non Canon would be “too self-indulgent.” Dolan also parts with the knowledge that Crayola is a shout-out to a shared love for a certain time in music. Be it Britpop of the nighties as he mashes up his song with Blur’s Common People, much to the amusement of the audience.

A focus on politics chimes through in a new song. The message that “I’d rather be a bad loser, than a terrible winner,” develops into a promoted sing-a-long. And it now feels as if this crowd is ready for the 8th of June. To finish off the gig,

Finally, Dolan reveals that the ending of Memory Beta was originally about getting over a time of depression, but has since shifted to hold meaning in politics, life, and any type of struggle. Focusing his attention on feeling the energy his song writing and performance skills emit; Dolan forgets his own lyrics and questions the crowd for help before getting back on track.


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