Ben Marwood @ OneFest & Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings – 15/05/17.

Ben Marwood takes to the floor wearing an AJJ shirt , “It is an honour and a pleasure to close this stage.” Marwood is selfless, humble, and polite. And he’s out to make sure that everybody is having a good time.

Sticking to his roots has earned Marwood a close and loving community of fans, which includes relatives. Halfway into the show, the 36 year old announces “My mum is in the front row, everyone!” This is received to a warm welcome from the audience in the form of applause. Later, chants of Marwood result in the singer telling his mum that “they’re cheering for you.”


We Are No Longer Twenty-Five presents optimistic and encouraging feel-good folk which seems fitting to kick of the season of sun and live music.

Safe Mode, a song curated to celebrate Marwood’s recovery is played live for the 12th time in history.

Before performing Question Marks, Marwood joked that he had been avoiding Sam Duckworth in the toilets, and announces that he “hopes he remembers to change the words.” The original lyrics read: “I tell you all about how Get Cape, Wear Cape stole my sound,” yet, Marwood performs a alternative version of the song, replacing Duckworth’s performance name with Stevie Wonder, and Ducking Punches.

After performing  Singalong, Marwood announced “My attention span is short, but I never get tired of playing this song.” And as each song reaches its completion, Marwood grins a smile that says it all. He is happy to be here, doing what he loves. And with people appreciating it too. Marwood’s kind heart shines through in everything he does; even if you’re not a fan of the music, that alone is enough to have you singing and bopping along by the end of the show.


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