Beans on Toast @ OneFest and Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings – 14/05/17.

Beans on Toast is going to save the world… Maybe. “Fucking aye” exclaims Beans on Toast (AKA Jay McAllister) as he reminisces about the Sensible Sundays that were once held in his own pub, Nambucca …before it burnt down. However, Beans on Toast still carries on its legacy as partway through his set, he performs The Pub in Holloway.

As causal and as down-to-earth as ever, Jay wears a red shirt; his signature baseball cap, and denim shorts (which once may have been jeans). He’s also accessorised the look with a can of Red Stripe and of course, his trusty guitar.


Beans shared four new songs, alongside opening the night with Folk Singer. As well as performing The War on War whilst recalling that the ending of the second verse never receives a reaction quite as great as the first. And, I’m Home When You Hold Me, a sweet and honest song about true love.

The new ditty – For The Sake of The Children – all about Theresa May makes the audience aware of the current state of the world, and that perhaps May’s “strong and stable” approach is not the (best) one for us.

McAllister also spoke of the environment, with a focus of fracking in another new song -entitled Major Oak – upon which he ended it in a pastiche fashion. Throwing up peace signs, and announcing “save the trees” in a stereotypical hippie voice.

Beans’ second new song of the night spoke of how awareness of the word, and touched on the topics of veganism – “…over-analysing a cup of tea, where did the milk come from? I bet it was a tragedy.” Alongside this, McAllister discusses the internet; its power, and our privacy.



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