New Pagans @ OneFest and Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings – 12/05/17.

A collaboration of female-fronted elegance, and relaxed rock. This is New Pagans’ third ever show, and first in the country’s Capital. Lyndsey McDougall, the band’s lead singer, is wrapped in something of sentiment as an attempt to keep the nerves at bay.

(Picture Source: Kerri Wynter)

The quadruplet from Belfast have attitude, showcasing moodiness throughout. Their set is nonetheless amplified by pure passion – their undeniable stage charisma starts to engage a lukewarm crowd, and Lyndsey McDougall’s voice demands attention. An at first fearful band manages to make their mark. McDougall’s abrupt exit signals an end to the set, and her band members – Cahir O’Doherty (guitar), Claire Miskimmin (bass), and Conor McAuley (drums) – are left to give it all they’ve got.

New Pagans make a statement as O’Doherty’s guitar meets one of the drum kit’s cymbals. The set ends with the crowd questioning what they’ve just witnessed, yet undoubtedly craving more.

…And the band had a good time too.


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