Tyler, The Creator – A Brief History, and If There’s New Music in the Making.

Tyler was born in California, a location significant to the word of hip-hop. Tyler has always been creative – he would rework his favourite albums into how he envisioned them at a young age. Alongside this, his want to excel musically has always been present with Tyler teaching himself how to play the piano at the age of 12. Tyler’s creativity is at the forefront of what makes him standout. He is hard-working, and has achieved many things for being so forward-thinking. He was just 20 when he released his first album.

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Tyler’s debut studio album led him to be banned from the UK due to its misogynistic and homophobic content. It can be said that Tyler’s age and thus immaturity could have influenced the content on the album. However, in an interview with MTV, Tyler states that he is not offended by the N-word, therefore he does not see why gay people should be offend by a homophobic slur. Alongside this, he highlights how he uses the word in a jokey manner. Tyler’s lyrical content has calmed down since his early material. The fact that Tyler has never met his dad suggests reasoning for the aggression and vulgarity behind some of his work, but also acts as an inspiration for more emotional and genuine content – such as Answer.

The fact that Tyler performs under different characters highlights his intelligence and skill, and parallels him with Eminem (and his alter-ego, Slim Shady). Tyler creates the backing-track to his songs which is not common nowadays – especially within hip-hop, as rappers tend to sample other tracks to form a beat. Tyler also creates his own music videos:

Tyler is constantly pushing boundaries with his content and creativity, and is making the most of his platform and resources. Having his content, Loiter Squad, shown on Adult Swim suggests the quality of his material alongside its originality. Tyler’s clothing line gained him attention from the mainstream – and at one stage, Tyler’s brand was almost unavoidable. He is one of the most relevant African-American designers today.

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Tyler has done a lot for the black community, and the creative industry today. Before Frank Ocean rose to fame, he was involved with the rap group – Odd Future (OFWGKTA) – which was co-founded by Tyler. Odd Future are known for being controversial as well as entertaining; the group provides a platform for content to reach levels not explored in the individual careers of the artists. Thus, Tyler should be credited more for his changeling and reshaping of the music industry.

Camp Flog Gnaw is a music festival set up by members of Odd Future which showcases established and upcoming (alternative) hip-hop artists. Tyler’s influence over the festival is easy to see – many are wearing clothes from his brand, and the decor reflects artwork and concepts featured throughout his and Odd Future’s albums.

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Alongside this, Camp Flog Gnaw challenges all misconceptions of hip-hop fans. Attendees shown in this fan-made video are diverse, and it appears that everyone’s having an equal amount of fun in a welcoming and safe environment.

Tyler is unafraid of authority, out to have a good time, and is more than willing to do anything to entertain. He does not play by the rules, and this explains why fans jumped to conclusions upon the arrival of (Warning: NSFW) scumfuckflowerboy.com. Many believed that the site had something to do with new and long-anticipated music from Tyler. However, the artist took to Twitter to shut down these claims, he tweeted then deleted “not my site” before calling his fans “gullible,” and then confirm that he was going “back to living life…”So, it doesn’t seem like Tyler’s focusing on new music at this moment.



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