Paramore release Hard Times, and more. 

A festival feel, with a splash of cartoon chaos – instantly reminding me of Crash Bandicoot. This track forces tropical vibes to meet rock. And Hayley Williams’ sweet yet soulfully powerful vocals add to this quirky fun bop which speaks of “hard times” ….what else would you expect from Paramore?

This release is more theatrical, and springs Paramore back into the place where they last left off. Since that time, some subtle changes have been made – the ever-altered lineup has shifted once again with the departure of Jeremy Davis, and the addition of past band member, Zac Farro. 

The song rings out on a positive note as Hayley projects that “you’re not going to get to rock bottom!” 

the band’s aThe single will appear on their forthcoming album, After Laughter.

A more colourful, slightly Katy Perry-esque video accompanies the song. However, it is full of little sparks that let us know this is nothing other than Paramore (Having their name featured at the start helps too!). 

Typically showcasing a headful of vibrant colour, Williams in seen sporting a neutral do with makeup to match. At first, this is juxtaposed with her stripped top, and a pastel pink mini skirt. The band perform around a flurry of clout-pulsating clouds. Neon waves then engulf the singer as she hits the chorus. 

And all model a pair of sunnies with York’s addition of a pastel pink handkerchief tied around his neck, and Farro in a matching beanie.

The video then cuts to a clip of Hayley with splashes of colour over her eyes – this is the forward-thinking, trend-setting, and fearless Williams many love and recognise. 

The band’s new logo which was revealed over the last few days is showcased throughout. And as time passes, the video develops to show a fun-loving, and very colourful Paramore – something very different to what was suggested at first. 

The video itself shows why the tiro needed so much time away; they’ve now hit the world with a powerful pop hit. 

Oh, P.S: A U.K. and European tour has been announced. 

Lots for the Parafamily to look forward too!

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