What is Happening in Katy Perry’s Latest Video for ‘Chained To The Rhythm’?

Katy Perry has just revealed the official video for Chained To The Rhythm. 

The video showcases three similarly dressed minions, clutching onto their technology whilst taking selfies from the dated, yet futuristic theme park. 

Perry’s character can be seen resembling The Hunger Games’ Effie as bouquets of colourful candyfloss are paraded around Oblivia – the park’s name is no doubt a play on the word ‘oblivion,’ as Perry prompts us to “…put your rose-colored glasses on, and party on.”

Perry’s character, named Rose, rides a rollercoaster entitled ‘Love Me,’ which pairs riders into heterosexual couples – and takes them through loops, jumps, and a tunnel of Facebook-like reactions. A validation rating is given at the end; and if this isn’t paying homage to Black Mirror’s Nosedive, I don’t know what is. 

Lacie from Black Mirror’s Nosedive.

Euphoria is spread throughout the park, as an almost hypnosised crowd sway, and follow the flashing arrows outlined on the floor. 

Linking in beloved Mr. Parsons – the hamster seen in the lyric video, and alongside the hashtag ‘#ChainedToTheRhythm’ on Twitter – is a human hamster wheel; which many fail to ride successfully. Mr. Parsons’ face is also seen plastered around the park; quite possibly a jab at Mickey Mouse, and Disneyworld/land. 

Finally, entertainment is found through the park visitors watching ‘Nuclear Family’ in 3D glasses. Rose, however breaks out of the trace everyone else is under, and is exposed to Skip Marley’s real presence. This awakening allows Perry’s character to successfully run on the hamster wheel; and just as the video ends, I’m more confused than ever. 

My best guess is that the video to this political pop anthem is showcasing how the expectations of our every day lives, alongside aspirations, are drummed into us. Leading many to believe that if we follow, and meet, what’s expected of us; we’ll be content.
Watch the video here, and decide for yourself. 


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