Ryan Adams’ Surprise Gig at the Soup Kitchen, Manchester – 27/01/17. 

Ryan Adams claims he loves Manchester because it’s the origin of his favourite bands. Alongside this, he recognises that a northern crowd is not scared to be brutally honest.
The online platforms of Twitter, and Instagram brought a congregation of music fans to the basement of The Soup Kitchen. Looking something like the bathroom featured in Saw; the damp, square box – with chipped walls, and little decoration – was soon transformed into a snug haven.

The night saw an exclusive hearing of ‘Prisoner’ before its release (due in 3 weeks time) placed into an hour’s time slot. Adams requested quietness from an at-first restless crowd, before “talking about his feelings.”
“If loving you is wrong, I’m a criminal…” are one of the many lyrics that struck out of the artist’s tender tunes. Adams is renowned for loving, and loving unapologetically – be it cats, pinball, or his fans. And that no doubt comes through in his live performance. 

Creating the perfect combination of sentimental songs, and undeniable stage banter; Adams can have you swimming in sadness without feeling guilty about it. 

Hearing ‘Shiver and Shake’, and ‘Tightrope’ confirmed that the last minute dash to an unfamiliar city, and an unknown venue was more than worth it. These songs especially were where Adams’ poetic skills seeped through. 

Deserving to be crowned king of improv due to scrambling together a successful show; gathering people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. And creating songs about divorce, and dance parties from the top of his head. Adams himself states that this was one of his favourite shows ever.


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