Trump’s Tunes Pt. 2 – Releases from Billy Bragg, and Frank Turner. 

It saddens me that this is the second post I feel obliged to make about Donald Trump’s presidency. But there’s no doubt about the seriousness of the impact he will have on America, and the world at large. 

Folk music is renowned for having its saying in politics; in fact, it’s in its roots. What’s folk music without the exploration of what makes your country yours? Folk grew from democracy; so, it’s no surprise that Billy Brag has taken Trump’s triumph as a reason to speak out. 

Reworking a Bob Dylan song, Bragg speaks of the regression in progress the USA have made through the election of Trump. Alongside this, he sends out a message of caution to the minorities, and thus those who will be effected the most over the next four years. Bragg’s ‘The Times They Are A-Changing Back‘ is a sobering song expressing the true sadness of this current affair.

Frank Turner encourages us to become “outraged” at what’s happening in our world. He suggests that we could be enough to stop Trump’s power operating to full effect, with his release of ‘The Sand In The Gears‘.

However, the spirit of community has surpassed the blurred boundaries of genre. Billboard have collected a vast variety of songs released in response to the 45th president here.


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