Upcoming Artist: Jake McMullen. 

Jake McMullen’s debut EP, ‘Always’ was released in 2015. The country-folk artist brings forward a unusual approach; showcased is a Passenger-esche, storytelling form of music – placed among a fusion of indie rock, and psychedelia at best.

Drawing similarities to Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, and Half Moon Run. McMullen manages to offer something new to the already varse vault of music. 

A strong and powerful voice bursts through melodic music. Always is a winding journey, within which the music itself does more speaking than the lyrics. 

I Don’t Want to Wake Up is the highlight track for me. An almost strong psychedelic feel, with roomful guitar  – it’s almost like it shouldn’t work… it is just noise. But it is noise I am fond of. 

If I Go is a strong contrast to the other songs featured; almost like a comedown for the rest of the EP. Country-enuthed sounds take the main stage stage as McMullen spills out his thoughts. 

From hearing his debut material, it’s undeniable that this musician is diversely talented, and offers more than just one style to the world of music. 

Having taken time to mature, Jake releases Giving Up as a single in 2016. Overall, it feels more wholesome and complete compared to his previous work. A consistant beat that develops and builds throughout is companioned with deep, yet simple lyrics. 

If anything, I would draw a comparison to The 1975’s instrumental tracks – such as Facedown, and Lost My Head. Putting this artist on the same level as the winners of 2016’s NME Album of The Year, I was interested to see where 2017 takes Jack McMullen. 

The answer to that lies within an EP released a fortnight ago on th 12th of May 2017. The EP includes and is entitled after the previously released single, Giving Up

Full of feel-good vibes and promise, Falling offers a atmosphere of relaxed pop  – similar to that reflected in Haim’s debut. Synth feels a large element of this song, and consequently heightens the urge to dance. 

Pulling on heartstrings, and asking for an emotional response, How Do You Get it Back? conveys folk in a gentle manner. It acts as a juxtaposition to the last track, and conveys McMullen’s versatile talent. 

The EP also includes a cover of Calum Scott’s Dancing On My Own


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